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Bullet resistant barriers are recommended by the FBI as a “best practices” strategy, for deterring thieves from jumping over counters and emptying cash drawers. Acrylite® Bullet Resistant acrylic sheet is approved for indoor and outdoor applications. Made with uncompromising quality, Acrylite® Bullet Resistant provides the protection your customers need with the superior optical quality and value you expect.

Bullet Resistant Acrylite Applications

  • Bank teller windows
  • Check cashing kiosks
  • Foreign currency exchanges
  • Credit union offices
  • Convenience stores
  • Taxicab partitions
  • Toll stations

Types of Bullet Resistant Acrylite

Bullet Resistant Acrylic Level I

Bullet Resistant Acrylic Level I is one of our lightest bullet resistant products. It protects against handguns of medium power, such as the 9mm and Super 38 Automatic – any handgun with a muzzle energy of 380 to 460 foot-pounds. It is offered with and without a super abrasion resistance coating.

Bullet Resistant Acrylic Level I
Bullet Resistance Acrylic Level II

For thin, crystal clear protection against high-power handguns, it’s tough to beat Type II. It protects against handguns such as .357 magnum and others with a muzzle energy of 548 tpo 663 foot-pounds. Super abrasion resistant coating is standard.

Bullet Resistance Acrylic Level II
Bullet Resistance Acrylic Level III

Bullet Resistant Acrylic Level III is a cell cast acrylic based alloy that offers ballistics protection and superior optical clarity against virtually all handguns, including superior powered models like the .44 magnum. An abrasion resistant coating is standard and the sparkling clarity after machining and polishing outshines all products in its class. The unique design has proven to have ballistic protective capability that exceeds the criteria set forth in the UL Level 3 requirements.

Bullet Resistance Acrylic Level III
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