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Emco has been known for delivering premium machined and fabricated plastic and rubber components across diverse industries and applications for over 41 years. We offer a range of production methods, including advanced CNC machining, forming, plastic welding, and solvent/adhesive bonding, to manufacture custom parts per customer specifications. 

Additionally, our processes involve drilling, tapping, engraving, and complete assembly services. With over 60 different grades of materials in stock, we provide complete solutions to meet our customers' needs, fabricating them into various forms such as sheets, rods, tubes, profiles, and films.


Industrial plastics are widely used in numerous industries where quality plastic components are essential. Thanks to the advancement of technology, manufacturing plastics has become more accessible and efficient. New and improved products are available, and choosing the right one for your growing needs is essential and our sales team is available to help you make the right decision in regards to the following plastic materials.

For a full list of our Plastic Materials visit our Plastics page.


Tubing is a versatile product that can be used for various applications, including fluid handling, structural support, and electrical insulation. Our tubing products come in a variety of materials such as PTFE, FEP, PFA, and ETFE to meet the specific needs of different industries. We also offer custom sizes and lengths to fit your project requirements.

Types of Tubing

Flexible Vinyl Tubing

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), also known as "vinyl," is a versatile material that can be either flexible or rigid. It is chemically stable, fire-resistant, durable, and stands up well against water and corrosion.

Industrial Grade Tubing

Our high-performance, cost-effective vinyl tubing is perfect for industrial applications. It combines flexibility with extensive chemical resistance, making it a versatile choice for various uses. Please note, it is not suitable for food, beverage, or pharmaceutical applications. For long-term use, we offer an extruded black version that naturally resists bacterial growth.

Food Grade Tubing

Vinyl tubing is transparent and pliable, offering an affordable solution for fluid transfer across multiple applications. PVC tubing boasts outstanding stretchability and flexibility, making it ideal for lower-pressure uses and for OEM designs with intricate tubing routes.

Flexible Tubing

At Emco Industrial Plastics, Inc., we pride ourselves on providing an extensive range of flexible tubing and related accessories. Whether you are looking for durable tubing for industrial applications or specific accessories to complete your project, we have you covered. 

Rigid Tubing

At Emco Industrial Plastics, Inc., we provide a wide selection of in-stock rigid tubing and complementary accessories. Our extensive inventory ensures that you will find the precise materials and components needed for your industrial applications.

Premium Rubber & Polymer Solutions

We offer a range of industrial rubber solutions renowned for their outstanding mechanical properties, chemical resistance, and ability to withstand high temperatures. These solutions cater to a wide array of applications across industries, showcasing innovation in performance. With a selection of over 50 materials and grades, we can specialize end products to meet even the most complex specifications. 

Our offerings include rubber sheets, strips, rolls, tubes, and cords, available in lengths of up to 150 feet, and sheet thicknesses ranging from 0.005” to 2”. Additionally, we offer a wide range of durometers, measuring hardness, from as soft as 10A to as hard as 90A. All materials come with pre-applied adhesive and can be precision-cut to any custom size or shape with exceptional accuracy and tight tolerances.

In addition to our extensive range of materials and customization options, we also offer solutions specifically designed for high temperature applications. These specialized materials are able to withstand extreme temperatures without compromising on performance or durability.

Our high temperature solutions include silicone rubber sheets, tubing, and cords that can withstand temperatures up to 500°F (260°C), as well as fluorocarbon rubber sheets that can withstand temperatures up to 600°F (316°C). We also offer custom molded parts made with high temperature resistant materials such as Viton®, EPDM, and HNBR.

Foam & Sponge

Our industrial foam is known for its excellent cushioning properties, resistance to chemicals, and ease of use in manufacturing. It is used in many industries to ensure comfort and reliability. At EMCO Industrial, we offer both foam and sponge rubber materials that serve various purposes like shock absorption, cushioning, and sealing. With over 20 different materials available, we can customize products to meet specific needs. Our foam sheets come in lengths up to 225 feet and thicknesses ranging from 1/32" to 4". All materials are available with pre-applied adhesive and can be cut to any specified size or shape with exceptional precision and tight tolerances.


Neoprene is a widely-used foam material known for its strength and resistance to oil, water, and weather. It's commonly used in industrial and automotive gaskets to seal out elements like water, air, and dust, as well as in athletic equipment. Neoprene comes in both open and closed cell forms, with options for single or double-sided Acrylic Adhesive backing, and either smooth or textured finishes. It can operate in temperatures from -70°F to 200°F.


Fluorosilicone combines the benefits of fluoroelastomer and silicone, making it ideal for use with fuels, chemicals, and oils across a wide temperature range. This foam is perfect for applications where standard elastomers would degrade due to exposure to oil and other fluids. Available in both open and closed cell forms, it features pre-applied high-temperature adhesive backing and a textured finish. It operates effectively within a temperature range of -80°F to 400°F.


Silicone excels in resisting extreme temperatures, compression set, chemicals, and weather conditions. It is used for gaskets, heat shields, fire stops, cushions, and insulation. Available options include closed cell, single or double-sided high-temperature adhesive backing, and various finishes (ultra-smooth, smooth, textured). Silicone operates effectively within a temperature range of -100°F to 500°F.


Buna-N is known for its outstanding strength and oil resistance, making it ideal for automotive, engine, fuel system, marine, and oil and gas applications. It also withstands water and mild chemicals. Available in closed cell form with single or double-sided Acrylic Adhesive backing options and a smooth finish. Operating temperature: -40°F to 200°F.

Emco Got The Right Materials For Your Projects

For over 41 years, we at Emco have been committed to providing high-performance materials that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. With our materials and fabrication capabilities, we stand ready to deliver solutions specialized to your specific needs. Trust in our experience and dedication to quality to help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively. Let Emco Industrial Plastics be your partner in success. Get in touch with Emco Plastics today!

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