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Bullet resistant plastics are very common choices for Police departments, Gas stations, and Government projects including courthouses.  Bullet resistant lamination is a great choice for interior windows because besides being bullet resistant they are also very force entry and blast resistant, depending on the frames used. Bullet resistant plastics features abrasion resistant and UV resistant surfaces for extended surface life in harsh environments.

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Types of Bullet Resistant

Bullet Resistant Acrylic

Bullet Resistant Acrylic offers a lightweight, crystal-clear, non-laminated alternative for your protective barrier designs. It is half the weight of bullet-resistant glass of the same UL class rating, and meets UL 752 Level I, II, and III requirements for use in bullet-resistant applications involving small firearms. It is also available with an abrasion resistant coating and offers 40 times the abrasion resistance of un-coated acrylic. All levels meet Building Class CC2, Federal Specification L.P. 391D and ASTM D 4802.

Bullet Resistant Acrylic
Bullent Resistant Acrylite

Bullet resistant barriers are recommended by the FBI as a “best practices” strategy, for deterring thieves from jumping over counters and emptying cash drawers.

Bullent Resistant Acrylite
Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate

Bullet resistant panels are transparent, multilayer laminated polycarbonate sheets. They meet all security requirements with regard to protection against forced entry and ballistic impact.

Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate
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