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Bullet Resistant Acrylic sheet offers a lightweight, crystal clear, non-laminated alternative for your protective barrier designs. It’s half the weight of bullet resistant glass of the same UL class rating, and meets UL 752, Level I, II, And III requirements for use in bullet-resistant applications involving small firearms.  It is also available with an abrasion resistant coating and offers 40 times better abrasion resistance of un-coated acrylic.  All levels meet Building Class [email protected], Federal Specification L.P. 391D and ASTM D 4802. Despite all of the improvements in security technology, bullet resistant barriers have been proven to be the only measure that deters crime before it happens. This is especially important considering there is approximately one convenience store robbery for every two convenience stores in the U.S. and that bank robberies have increased by 136 times in the past 50 years.

Types of Bullet Resistant Acrylic

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