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Designed by General Electric, Ultem (a brand name of Polyetherimide / PEI) is an amorphous thermoplastic with characteristics similar to PEEK. As such, Ultem offers good heat resistance, flame resistance and solvent resistance as well as resistance to steam. The important differentiating factor is that Ultem is more cost effective than PEEK, making it very appealing for applications similar to the ones suited for PEEK. Similar to PEEK, Ultem is found in the automotive, aerospace, chemical and medical industries as well, prized for its ability to help cut costs without sacrificing quality.

We offer Ultem sheets in 5 different grades, thicknesses up to 4’ and lengths up to 10’. Don’t see the specifications you need here?  We can cut to the exact size you need and we offer a variety of fabrication and machining services as well to ensure you end up with a product perfectly suited to your needs. Request a quote or contact us today using the form below.

  • Grades: 1000, 2100, 2200, 2300, 2400
  • Color: Amber
  • Cut to size available

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