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Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) products are a part of the DuPont fluoropolymer family, The expanding line, consisting more than 150 oriented and cast films, services a wide variety of applications and markets as a release film or surface protector.

With very good non-stick properties, Tedlar® film is widely used as a protective laminate for FRP panels used in the production of trucks and trailers, as a media for transfer printing, and as a release film for printed circuit boards and various composite laminations. Tedlar® retains its strength and flexibility within the temperature range from -70°C up to +110°C. It has an elongation of over 100% and good wear properties. In the sign industry, Tedlar® is used as surface protection because of its weather resistance, UV-resistance, and easy-to-clean properties. Tedlar® can be heat-sealed and is used to encapsulate ceiling tiles, fiberglass insulation, or used to produce gas-sampling bags. Slit into narrow strips, Tedlar® is used for tapes, motor winding, wrapping bridge cables, or underground cables.

Tedlar® PVF films are manufactured in continuous rolls and can be oriented or nonoriented as in the Tedlar® Special Properties (SP) film line. Film thickness can range from 12.5 microns (0.5 mil) to 50 microns (2 mil) and can be treated for adherability or left untreated for release applications.

Oriented Tedlar® films are available in more than 150 standard variations of opaque pigmented, translucent, and transparent films and can range from a high tensile strength, high flex variety (Type 1) to high elongation, high tear resistance (Type 5).

Nonoriented Tedlar® SP films (Types 8 and 9) offer excellent conformability to almost any shape or substrate while maintaining the superb durability, chemical resistance, and ease of cleaning. Nonoriented films offer gloss options and small-lot capability for custom colors and are available as multilayer films without needing adhesives or heat sealing. Multilayer technology allows for unique effects such as pearlescent or metallic colors. The Tedlar® SP process allows a pigmented base layer to be covered with an integral clear top layer.

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Generic Name
Polyvinyl Fluoride

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Technical Information

Applications Advantages


  • Solar energy uses
  • Release film, liner
  • Surface protector
  • Flexible signs, awnings
  • Interior ceiling and sidewall decorative panels
  • Insulation, moisture barriers


  • UV, weather resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Cleanable
  • High light transmission
  • Nonstick
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