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TECAPAI™ CM XP530 Glass Filled

TECAPAI CM XP530 black-green exhibits higher strength and stiffness. It also has been shown to be extremely dimensionally stable, making it extremely popular for precision parts in applications that require high-temperature capability. It is currently available in rod, plate, and tube. 

Applications Include: Test Sockets in the semiconductor industry, electrical connectors and insulators, aerospace fasteners and insulators, along with structural components that require high strength and stiffness.

TECAPAI™ CM XP730 Carbon Filled

TECAPAI CM XP730 black offers high strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures, combined with a low CLTE. This allows for the manufacture of high strength precision parts with an excellent strength to weight ratio and allows designers to do more with less. TECAPAI CM XP730 also has excellent compressive strength and chemical resistance and is also available in rod, plate, and tube.   

Applications Include: Aerospace components, metal spinning tooling, compressor components, pump parts, and other metal replacement parts.

TECAPAI™ CM XP403 Un-Reinforced

TECAPAI CM XP403 Green is unreinforced and delivers excellent ductility along with good strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures. It also offers good dielectric properties, good wear performance and excellent chemical resistance.

Applications Include: Electrical connectors, wear components such as bearings, bushings and wear rings, as well as large components that require strength and stiffness.

TECAPAI™ CM XP440 Bearing Grade

TECAPAI CM XP440 is a black-green high performance bearing and seal material. It offers excellent tribological properties including a low coefficient of friction and shows superb dimensional stability with a very low coefficient of linear thermal expansion. The product also maintains strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures, has very good machinability and strong chemical resistance.

Applications Include: labryrinth seals used in compressors, bearing bushings and wear components, and larger components that require wear resistance.

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