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Machine guards are most commonly used in all types of manufacturing and production environments. Polycarbonate is the most used material for machine guards, although PETG, Acrylic and Clear PVC are also used in certain applications. Most often, clear polycarbonate is used due to its optical characteristics. These guards are designed to protect employees from potential impacts of ejected material or broken tooling. They also help protect the product from contamination during the production process.

Polycarbonate offers close tolerance machinability, transparency, and toughness which makes it ideal for machine guard applications. We also offer both general purpose and FDA grades when food contact is a concern. If high temperatures are a concern, polycarbonate also carries a V-0 flame test rating and is inherently self-extinguishing.

PETG Guards can also be FDA approved, but in applications where chemical resistance is a priority, clear PVC is a better choice for its chemical resistance. PVC is resistant to many alcohols, fats, oils, and aromatic free petrol. 

All of the materials listed above are also available in varying grades of smoke/grey/bronze shades (See type 5).

Emco Plastics offers custom machine guards specially designed for worker safety and hygiene. We can reverse engineer a variety of different parts and materials.



Polycarbonate Guard Type 1 Polycarbonate Guard Type 2 Polycarbonate Guard Type 3

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Polycarbonate Guard Type 4 Polycarbonate Guard Type 5 Polycarbonate Guard Type 6

Type 4

Type 5 


Type 6


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