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With characteristics such as exceptional strength, wear resistance and high temperature operation, it is no wonder how PEEK (PolyEtherEther-Ketone) has earned its use in high performance applications. PEEK can be found in car manufacturing processes, aerospace components and even medical implants due to its unique properties.

Emco offers PEEK rod in 3 varieties: carbon filled, glass filled and unfilled, each with their own dimensions and colors. Don’t see the dimensions you need? No problem – simply give us your cut-to-size dimensions and we’ll cut to your exact requirements. Emco offers a wide variety of value added services to ensure your plastic meets your needs. Request a quote by contacting us with the form below.

  • Available filled or unfilled
  • Varieties: unfilled, carbon / glass filled
  • Colors: Natural, Black & Tan
  • Cut to size available

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Generic Name
PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK)

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Technical Information

Stock Products

Stock Products

Unfilled 0.25″ – 6″ DIA Std. foot lengths; CTS Natural, Black
Carbon Filled 0.25″ – 6″ DIA Std. foot lengths; CTS Black
Glass Filled 0.25″ – 6″ DIA Std. foot lengths; CTS Tan
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