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Optical Grade PolycarbonateEmco Industrial Plastics is a reputable plastics, rubber, and foam distributor and provider that fabricates and manufactures products for industrial use. These are high-quality and cost-effective solutions that meet the requirements of our customers. One of the products we can work with is polycarbonate, specifically optical grade.

Our team is committed to providing quality product solutions for any application. Whether you need a custom plastic part or a stock solution, our knowledgeable sales staff can help you find the best options in our broad inventory. Our in-house facility is fully equipped to provide top-notch fabrication and machining services.

What is Optical Grade Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a high-strength transparent thermoplastic, making it incredibly resistant to impact and fracture. At the same time, it's exceptionally lightweight and durable, making it the optimal choice for many purposes.

The optical grade type of this thermoplastic is unique because it provides plenty of clarity with minimal distortion. These features make it an ideal option for various industrial applications, such as demanding environments requiring low distortion and optimal visual quality. In addition, it has incredible heat resistance and impact strength, which survives repeated blows.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • High impact strength
  • High impact strength
  • Low haze factor
  • Low haze factor

These advantages make it an ideal choice for industries that need great clarity, strength, and energy efficiency. These can be fabricated with our different production methods to achieve the products you're looking for, especially if you have specific requirements that need to be met.

What is Polycarbonate Used for?

Clear polycarbonate is a translucent amorphous thermoplastic with the same visual clarity and internal transmission of light as glass. Due to it being clear and durable, many industries use it to create various products, such as polycarbonate, protective gear, greenhouses, medical devices, and lighting fixtures.

It can also be combined with flame-retardant materials without affecting their properties. In addition, it has higher impact strength than other commonly used plastics, such as ABS, nylon, and polystyrene.

Understanding the Characteristics of Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is called a thermoplastic due to the way it responds to heat. They become liquid once they reach their melting point of 155 degrees Celsius. But what makes them special is they can be cooled down and reheated again without significant degradation. Since they turn into liquid, they're also the perfect material for injection molding.

In addition, being an amorphous material, they don't have the same characteristics as crystalline solids. It means they tend to soften. So they can be incredibly light to very tough, depending on their temperature. They're also copolymers, which means they contain various monomer types.

Typical Applications of Optical Grade Polycarbonate

A polycarbonate sheet is the raw or parent material, which is transformed into different products used for various applications in numerous industries.

Some of the common applications are as follows:

  • Machinery guards
  • Clear tubes
  • Clear windows
  • Electronics
  • Sound barriers

At Emco Industrial Plastics, we offer Sustanat® and Zelux® W polycarbonate lens products. Both of these brands are available for order. Reach out to us, and our representatives will help you choose the right one for your specific applications.

Find the Right Optical Grade Polycarbonate Material for Your Projects

Emco Industrial Plastics provides and distributes polycarbonate and other plastic materials from the most reliable manufacturers. Paired with our fabrication and machining services, we can create an outcome to help your project succeed.

If you have any questions or concerns about our products and services, don't hesitate to contact us today. We can create standard and custom products according to your needs and requests. You may also request a quote, and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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Polycarbonate, Optical Grade

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Stock Products

Sheet 1/2″ – 2″ TH Clear

Give us your cut-to-size dimensions. We will precision-cut these plastics to your exact size. Additional sizes and colors available upon request.


  • Visual applications
  • Military vehicle glazing
  • Non-automotive vehicle windows
  • Laminated security glazing


  • High impact strength
  • High optical clarity
  • UV stability
  • Transparent
  • Low distortion


  • Optical Grade

NOTE: Several grades of this material are available. For additional information regarding this plastic, contact your Emco Industrial Plastics representative or call 973-862-4148.

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