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Nylon, the first successful thermoplastic, and engineering resin boast a number of characteristics that have led to its great popularity in both commercial and industrial applications. Nylon not only has good temperature, impact, and chemical properties, but it offers great wear resistance and low frictional properties as well. Emco carries an extensive selection of nylon sheets in a variety of grades and dimensions. Nylons are typically described according to numbers (6, 66, 11, 12, etc.) which relate to their molecular structures. The two most common types of nylon are Nylon 6 and Nylon 6/6

With varieties such as unfilled, mos2, oil, glass, and Kevlar filled, you can ensure a proper fit for virtually any application. We also carry nylon sheets in a variety of colors including natural, black, blue and grey. Don’t see the dimensions you need here? We provide cut-to-size services in addition to many other fabrication and machining capabilities. With decades of experience, extensive inventory and a comprehensive range of value-added services, Emco is the clear choice for your plastics needs.

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  • Available cast or extruded
  • Varieties: unfilled, Mos2 / oil / glass / Kevlar filled
  • Colors: Natural, Black, Blue & Grey
  • Cut to size available
  • Standard sheet size: 24" x 48" with custom cut options available
  • Thickness: 0.031 in -- 4 in
  • *Note: Type 6-Cast and Type 6/6 Extruded Sizes Vary

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