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HDPE: High-Density Polyethylene

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a highly used plastic across industrial and consumer applications. For example, HDPE is a common material used in the fabrication of cutting boards, conveyor liners and food handling equipment, and more.

High-Density Polyethylene Properties

High-density polyethylene possesses a valuable set of properties, such as:

  • A light weight, without sacrificing strength.
  • Impact resistance, protecting packaged goods and HDPE products from damage.
  • Weather resistance gives HDPE products great longevity with low moisture absorption.
  • Highly malleable and can be molded to fit most any shape.
  • High tensile strength, so HDPE products won’t break easily under tension.

Industries and Applications for HDPE Products

Emco Industrial Plastics is a distributor/fabricator of high-density polyethylene components for the following industries and applications:

Food Processing, Packaging, & Conveying Equipment

High-density polyethylene is widely used in food processing and packaging, as HDPE products are designed for sanitation and consumer safety. HDPE is resistant to stains and chemical degradation, making it ideal for processing and packaging of acidic or aggressive food products. Temperature-resistant HDPE is widely used in baking applications, while colored HDPE aids in quality control by helping identify plastic contamination in food products.

HDPE is also useful in conveying equipment for food processing applications. High-density polyethylene offers good resistance to impact, wear, and abrasion, making it suitable for food conveying applications, such as rollers on transfer belts.


HDPE Bottling Line

Food Grade Cutting Boards

Commercial kitchens and restaurants often choose HDPE for food grade cutting boards. HDPE cutting boards are offered in multiple colors to help prevent cross-contamination, and feature a softer material that doesn’t dull knives and a textured, non-porous surface for minimal moisture absorption. High-density polyethylene cutting board surfaces are also resistant to acid, non-toxic, and will not stain, chip, peel, warp, or crack. Emco’s HDPE cutting boards are USDA-certified, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. 

HDPE Cutting Board

Industrial Applications

Numerous industrial applications choose HDPE due to its easy machinability, good rigidity, high tensile strength, low moisture absorption, and impact resistance. Emco offers turnkey machining and fabrication services to deliver HDPE components that meet the needs of most industrial purposes.

We manufacture HDPE products for these industrial applications and more:

  • Pump parts
  • Valve parts
  • Bushings
  • Bearings
  • Washers

Medical Shielding Applications

Our borated high-density polyethylene is designed specifically for medical shielding applications. With 5% boron by weight, this HDPE product has the ability to shield neutrons while still delivering lower costs, and easier installation, maintenance, and use when compared to lead-lined products.

Borated HDPE products are used in:

  • High-intensity X-ray applications
  • Cancer treatment facilities
  • Nuclear submarines
  • Nuclear power plants

Outdoor Recreational Equipment

Our Playboard™ HDPE products offer durability, UV stability, easy cleaning, and weather resistance in outdoor recreational applications. Available in a multitude of colors, HDPE sheets are used for ice rinks, skate parks, modular playgrounds, and many other outdoor uses. In these applications, high-density polyethylene replaces wood paneling in high traffic areas both inside and outdoors.

HDPE from Emco Industrial Plastics

High-density polyethylene is lightweight, malleable, and strong, making it well-suited for numerous applications. Emco Industrial Plastics manufactures HDPE products that will meet or exceed the needs of your operation.

Learn how our high-density polyethylene products will work for you. Please request a quote or contact us for more information.

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Types of HDPE

Natural HDPE

Polyethylenes offer excellent chemical resistance, good fatigue, wear, and moisture resistance. Differences in length of the polymer chain yields a wide range of properties. Polyethylenes are easy to distinguish from other plastics because they float in water.

Natural HDPE
HDPE Cutting Board

HDPE Cutting Board
Hdpe Marine Grade

Marine grade HDPE is formulated to meet the specific requirements of marine and other outdoor environments. Special postproduction treatment enhances its ability to withstand the effects of salt water, moisture, and direct sunlight.

Hdpe Marine Grade
HDPE Pipe Grade

This material is a higher molecular weight material than the standard HDPE. The material displays improved performance characteristics in a variety of piping applications.

HDPE Pipe Grade
HDPE Machining & Fabricating

Acetal is a rigid, strong material that is available in copolymer and homopolymer compounds. Its properties include low moisture absorption, good chemical resistance and good dimensional stability

HDPE Machining & Fabricating
Plasti Shield

With 5% boron by weight and our trademark purple color, Plasti-Shield® 5% Borated Polyethylene is manufactured to meet all applicable applications for industrial use, medical applications (with regards to cancer treatment) and is effective shielding for support in all areas of security such as seaports, airports, border protection and other applications requiring attenuation of thermal neutrons.

Plasti Shield
Playboard HDPE

Playboard’s™ family of playground and recreational materials offers a multitude of colored HDPE sheets for modular playground systems, ice rinks, and skate parks.

Playboard HDPE

Polyethylenes offer excellent chemical resistance, good fatigue, wear, and moisture resistance. Differences in length of the polymer chain yields a wide range of properties. Polyethylenes are easy to distinguish from other plastics because they float in water.

HDPE Borated

HDPE Borated
Timberline™ Woodgrain HDPE

Woodgrain HDPE is a great alternative to regular wood due to its ease of machinability, excellent scratch resistance, weatherability (UV stable) and is easy to clean.

Timberline™ Woodgrain HDPE
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