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Emco Industrial Plastics partnerships with key manufacturers allow us to offer our customers access to films used for screen printing, signage, point-of-purchase display, and industrial applications.

Plastic films, which technically are defined as plastic sold in thicknesses of up to 10 mils. Standard available roll width is 26”.

High performance films Emco Industrial Plastics carry include:

Aclar® PCTFE Provides unsurpassed moisture barrier properties suitable for health care and industrial applications
Cirlex® Excellent chemical, physical, thermal and electrical properties of Kapton® in thicker laminated sheet format
FEP For applications requiring optical clarity, quick release, and abrasion resistance
Halar® ECTFE For applications requiring broad-use temperature range (from cryogenic to 300°F/150°C), and excellent impact strength and wear resistance
Kapton® Polyimide Material of choice in applications involving very high, 400°C (752°F), or very low, -269°C (-452°F) temperature extremes; several grades available
Kaptrex® Polyimide Economical alternative to DuPont Kapton® polyimide film without sacrificing performance
Kaptrex® FN Polyimide-FEP Polyimide film (BOPI) coated with FEP(F46) resin, performs successfully in the temperature range from 112° F to +500° F
Kynar® PVDF Stable to UV and the effects of weather, temperature, sunlight and humidity Noryl
PES high resistance to heat and combustibility, low smoke emission and transparency
PFA Very similar to FEP, PFA Film has a melt range of 302° C to 310° C vs FEP melt range of 260° C to 280° C
Tedlar® PVF Weathering, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and stain-resistant properties make it an ideal protective surfacing material as well as a release film; oriented and non-oriented grades.
Teflon® PTFE Suitable for electrical applications where high temperature service rating and superior electrical properties are desired
Tefzel® ETFE extremely durable, thin polymeric film closely related to DuPont Teflon is nearly 100 percent transparent and features high-energy radiation resistance
Teonex® PEN Film Bridges the gap between the price and performance of polyester and polyimide films
TPE A breathable film – permeable by water vapor and gases – yet waterproof
TPX PMP Combination of transparency and resistance to heat and chemicals and excellent acoustical properties
Udel® Polysulfone Maintains its properties over a wide temperature range, possesses good electrical properties, clarity and toughness, plus exceptional steam resistance
Ultem® PEI Offers high heat resistance coupled with high strength, stiffness, UV stability, and broad chemical resistance
Ultrason® PES high resistance to heat and combustibility, low smoke emission and transparency
Valox® PBT outstanding dielectric strength and ease of fabrication make it an excellent candidate for electrical, electronic and medical applications
Victrex® PEEK High temperature performance, superior chemical resistance, hydrolytic stability, outstanding toughness and strength
Xenoy® Polyester/polycarbonate alloy

Filler materials to improve performance characteristics and intended application vary by product type. An Emco Industrial Plastics representative is available to help you choose the correct material to meet the needs of your applications.

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