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Delrin's overall combination of physical, tribological and environmental properties make it ideal for many industrial wear and mechanical applications. Parts exposed to a mist or wet environment, such as pump and valve components, are especially appropriate. Other common uses for Delrin ® include gears, bearings, bushings, rollers, fittings and electrical insulator parts.

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DiameterRod LengthWeight
 (feet)(lbs per foot)
1 1/8"100.614
1  1/4"100.758
1 3/8"100.917
1  1/2"101.09
1  5/8"101.28
1  3/4"101.49
1  7/8"101.71
2 1/8"102.19
2  1/4"102.46
2  3/8"102.74
2  1/2"103.03
2 5/8"103.34
2  3/4"103.67
2 7/8"104.01
3  1/4"105.12
3  1/2"105.94
3 3/4"106.82
4  1/4"108.76
4  1/2"109.83
4 3/4"1011
5  1/2"1014.7
6  1/2"1020.5
7 1/21027.3

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Types of Delrin

Acetal Delrin Plastic

Acetal Delrin Plastic
Delrin 150

Delrin® 150 is a high viscosity acetal homopolymer for extrusion processes. It has excellent thermal stability, low die deposit, and enhanced crystallization for low porosity.

Delrin 150
Delrin 570

Delrin® 570, this grade has 20% glass fiber filler. It has much greater mechanical properties over unfilled acetals.

Delrin 570
Delrin 525GR

Delrin® 525GR NC000 is a 25% glass reinforced acetal homopolymer for injection molding. It has very high strength, stiffness, and high deflection temperature, and excellent creep resistance.

Delrin 525GR
Delrin AF 100

DELRIN®100AF blend stock shapes are a 13% PTFE fiber filled homopolymer acetal. They offer an improved coefficient of friction, better lubricity, and improved wear characteristics over unfilled and PTFE powder filled acetals.

Delrin AF 100
Delrin 13% AF Blend

Delrin® AF Blend is a unique thermoplastic material for use in moving parts in which low friction and long wear life are important. It is a combination of PTFE fibers uniformly dispersed in Delrin® acetal resin.

Delrin 13% AF Blend
Unital LF13

UNITAL® Acetal (polyoxy-methylene) offers design engineers a superior blend of strength, stiffness, lubricity, and dimensional stability. These properties, along with inherent machining ease, have made UNITAL one of the most widely used engineering grade thermoplastics.

Unital LF13
Delrin AF 500

Delrin® 500AF is a medium viscosity acetal homopolymer resin containing 20% Teflon® PTFE fibers. It is designed for applications requiring low wear and/or low coefficient of friction against steel, itself, and other plastics.

Delrin AF 500
Delrin AF DE588

DELRIN® AF DE588 is a 20% PTFE filled homopolymer acetal that is fully tested and certified for use by the United States Navy.

Delrin AF DE588

Dielux PTFE filled acetal copolymer is an outstanding bearing and wear material for use in both wet and dry environments. Dielux is frequently used in place of traditional metal and plastic bearing materials when low friction, excellent wear properties, and good dimensional stability are required.

Food Grade Delrin

TECAFORM® FG Blue is a new blue colored acetal designed specifically for the food industry. TECAFORM® is resistant to hot water, and typical cleaning chemicals, and it possesses good bearing and wear properties.

Food Grade Delrin
Medical Grade Delrin: Tecaform MT

TECAFORM® MT is specially formulated medical grade acetal. The material is resistant to multiple cleaning and disinfection agents, and to a number of solvents. It can be steam sterilized by medical industry’s usual methods, and will maintain good strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability.

Medical Grade Delrin: Tecaform MT
Tecaform SD

Static dissipative acetal contains no carbon fibers or powders and is generally accepted for clean room use. With its surface resistivity of 109 to 1011 ohm/square and its excellent bearing and wear characteristics, TECAFORM™ SD is ideal for moving components which may experience frictional or fluid-flow static charges.

Tecaform SD
Dielux PTFE Filled Copolymer Delrin Sheet Rods

Delrin sheet and rods come in many forms, filled and unfilled. Dielux is a PTFE acetal (filled copolymer) known for the outstanding durability and wear features.

Dielux PTFE Filled Copolymer Delrin Sheet Rods
At a Glance

Generic Name
Polyoxymethylene, Polyacetal

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