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Emco Industrial Plastics offers custom Delrin® machining and fabricating for industrial applications. With over 30 years of experience, we have the technical and manufacturing expertise to produce precision custom Delrin® parts for you.

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We specialize in fabricating Delrin®, a versatile material that is extremely strong, stiff, and hard. It is an acetal homopolymer. Its properties include superior friction resistance, fatigue and abrasion resistance, and solvent, fuel, and moisture resistance. Delrin® exhibits dimensional stability and good creep resistance and is highly machinable.


Delrin Machined Parts

The custom Delrin® parts manufactured by Emco include:

  • Fittings
  • Gears
  • Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Wear parts
  • Rollers
  • Nozzles
  • Bearings and bushings

Delrin benefits and properties 

Delrin Machining Capabilities

Emco’s staff works with each client from the initial inquiry through the delivery of the finished part to ensure that your part meets or exceeds your specifications. Our turnkey Delrin® machining services include:

  • Engineering, including CAD/CAM, product and tooling design
  • Assistance with material selection
  • Complete precision fabricating and CNC machining services, including cutting-to-size, thermoforming, CNC milling, injection molding, vacuum forming, drilling, laser cutting, die cutting, grinding, bending, CNC turning, and welding
  • Precision tolerances to +/-0.005”
  • Quantities from prototypes through full production runs
  • Finishing services, including polishing, edge finishing, laminating, decal application
  • In-process quality inspections and testing of finished parts prior to delivery
  • Certifications to meet industry standards, including MIL specs, AMS standards, or RoHs compliance

Emco Industrial Plastics uses the latest technologies and highest quality standards, supported by superior customer service to provide each customer with a finished part that meets or exceeds expectations, is delivered on time and on budget. Call today to talk with one of our Delrin® machining experts. 

 Emco Plastics offers machined or fabricated Delrin

Delrin Machining Guidelines

Due to the excellent machinability of Delrin, there are very few restrictions or unique requirements to consider when machining the material. Typically, standard equipment is suitable and no aids are required, though there are a few instances where special treatment may prove beneficial.

General Guidelines

  • Standard equipment can be used
  • Delrin is more machinable than most brass or aluminum alloys
  • It is typically unnecessary to use cutting aids such as oils or water
  • Slow-feed/fast-speed and slow-speed/fast-feed result in excellent machinability


  • Standard tools can be used to saw Delrin without modification
  • The speed is not crucial, but the saw blade teeth must be slightly set
  • Being a thermoplastic, it is important to provide tooth clearance to prevent melting


  • Standard twist drills are ideal for drilling delrin
  • Plastic drills work as well, though if the leading edges are flat, the drill lip angle should be modified to cut instead of scrape
  • When drilling at high rates, coolant is recommended
  • If coolants aren’t used, periodic drill withdrawal is recommended to prevent overheating and to clear out chips


  • Delrin can be turned using conventional lathes
  • Tool bits that are used should be ground
  • Chip breakers and back rakes may prove helpful to reduce interference
  • A high speed and fine feed is recommended for the best finish
  • When the material to be turned has a small diameter and large length, steady rests are recommended to prevent whipping
  • When the rotational speed is high, a supply of cooling will prove necessary


  • Standard machines and cutters can be used if the cutting edges are kept sharp
  • Single-fluted mills are the recommended type of end mill to use due to their lower frictional heat and greater chip clearance


  • Standard shapers can be used without any modification to produce excellent results


  • Both collar and hand reamers produce good results
  • Expansion reamers are the most recommended type of reamer to use
  • When using a fixed reamer, remove at least 0,15mm by the final reaming to prevent undersized cuts

Threading / Tapping

  • Conventional Equipment Works Well
  • When using semi-automatic or automatic equipment, self-opening dies with high-speed chasers can be used
  • Though coolant and lubricant is not necessary, it may help with very high-speed operations
  • When cutting on a lathe, conventional single-pointed tools can be used
  • Several successive cuts of 0,15 to 0,25mm should be made
  • Due to the resiliency of Delrin, finish cuts should be no less than 0,15mm
  • It is recommended to use a follow rest or support when threading long threads of rod stock

Blanking / Punching

  • Stamping or punching Delrin will prove more economical for producing small, flat objects such as grommets and washers
  • With hand or power operated presses, conventional dies are to be used
  • If well-made dies are used, Delrin can be punched or blanked cleanly at high speeds
  • Pre-heating the sheet will prevent cracking from occurring

Machined or fabricated acetal plastic or Derlrin


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