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CTFE (chlorotrifluoroethylene) or PCTFE, is the generic name for the material produced as Kel-F® and as Aclar®.

Brand Names

  • Kel-F®
  • Neoflon®
  • Aclon®
  • Chemfluor® 767

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Available In
Sheet, Rod, Tube, Film

FDA compliant

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Stock Products

Sheet 1/16″ – 2″ 12, 14″, 15″ sq ; CTS Std. foot lengths
Rod 1/8″ – 3-1/4″
Tube Available
Film Available

Kel-F® is a registered tradename of 3M. In 1996, 3M discontinued manufacturing of Kel-F. Currently, all PCTFE resin is manufactured by Daikin under the tradename of Neoflon® or by Allied Signal under the tradename of Aclon®. Kel-F is still the most commonly used tradename used to describe PCTFE.

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  • Valve seats, seals, and stems
  • Gears, cams, bearings
  • Gaskets
  • Fluid handling systems
  • Chemical apparatus


  • Chemical resistance
  • Long-term weathering
  • Non-stick
  • Non-flammability
  • Low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor
  • High arc resistance, surface and volume resistivities
  • Flexibility at low temperatures and thermal stability at high temperatures
  • Low coefficient of friction
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