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Clearflo® –Fuel & Oil Grade is a transparent tube that was created to extend the working life of PVC tubing in fuel & oil applications. Gasoline and oils harden standard PVC over periods of intermittent use, but Clearflo®-Fuel & Oil is specially formulated to prevent hardening.

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Generic Name
Polyvinyl Chloride

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Technical Information

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Stock Products

Tube ID = .063”-4”,OD = .125“ -4.750” Wall = .031”-.375 Std sizes CTS Clear

Give us your cut-to-size dimensions. We will precision-cut these plastics to your exact size. Additional sizes and colors available upon request.


Physical PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Tensile Strength psi D638 1980
Tensile Elongation @Break % D638 730
Hardness, Rockwell D785 62
Thermal PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Max Operating Temp. °F 175


  • Air & gas lines
  • Chemical lines
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & beverage
  • Instrumentation
  • Laboratory & research
  • Material handling
  • Medical
  • Protective Jacketing
  • Pump & feed discharge
  • Refrigeration
  • Water & fluid lines


  • High pressure capabilities
  • Withstands a variety of conditions
  • Does not rust or corrode
  • Economical
  • Lightweight
  • Clear
  • Flexible
  • FDA Compliant


  • Clearflo®-Fuel & Oil Grade
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