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Emco Industrial Plastics carries numerous cleaners and polishes suitable for plastics maintenance and restoration.

Novus® brand is suitable for all plastic, acrylic and fiberglass products, by cleaning and removing fine, hairline scratches, stains, haziness, caked-on grime, water spots, and streaks. Novus cleans without abrasives or harsh chemicals; restores and polishes plastic surfaces, keeping plastics looking like new.

Novus® is available in 2, 8, or 64 oz bottles, as a pour on, spray on, or half-gallon refill in the following three grades:

 Novus 1 Clean and Shine

NOVUS 1 - Plastic Clean & Shine

Used individually, cleans, shines and protects all types of plastic surfaces.


 Novus 2 Fine Scratch Remover

NOVUS 2 - Fine Scratch Remover

Removes fine scratches and haziness from most plastics; restores faded and discolored plastics.

Novus 3 Heavy Scratch Remover

NOVUS 3 - Heavy Scratch Remover

Removes heavy scratches and abrasions from most acrylic surfaces, when damage is too severe to be restored with Novus No.2. Requires use of Novus No.2 for final finishing. Not recommended for use on coated plastics.

Note: The type of polishing cloth you use will make a difference. A nonabrasive, absorbent, and lint-free cloth, such as soft cotton cloth or microfiber cloth is ideal. Avoid using polyester or rayon wipes which can scratch unprotected plastic. Use only disposable cloths which will eliminate any chance of scratching.

Novus 1 cleans and shines household and industrial plastics and many smooth surfaces:

• CDs, DVDs
• vinyl
• marble
• lens covers
• plastic displays / cases
• aquariums
• showers
• game consoles*
• auto interiors
• fiberglass
• sneeze guards
• aircraft / marine windows
• safety shields / food guards
• plastic windows
• cell phone screens*
• helmets/visors

*Note: Novus 1 Cleaner is safe to use on LCD/LED screens and televisions—however, it will leave a shiny “glaze” that may distract from “matte-finish” screen surfaces.


  • Protects from contaminants and damage
  • Anti-static properties repel dust and lint
  • Keeps acrylic and fiberglass looking like new
  • Cleans without scratching
  • Provides a protective finish to resist fogging, finger marks
  • Restores faded and discolored plastics


Cleaners & Polishers Applications

  • Acrylic displays, cases
  • Instrument control panels, gauge covers
  • Aircraft, marine windows
  • Safety shields, food guards
  • Fiberglass panels
  • Light lens covers

Types of Cleaners & Polishers

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