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Cast nylon polyamides, commonly called nylon type 6, or PA6 C are available in standard stock shapes and cast in the form of sheet, rod, and tube. Cast nylon polyamides are highly molecular, highly crystalline polymers. Semi-finished nylon type 6 shapes are manufactured using a casting method, whereby the raw material caprolactam polymerizes by means of a controlled chemical reaction. 

By using additives such as oil, solid lubricants or thermal stabilizers, the typical characteristics of type 6 nylon can be selectively adjusted for certain applications, opening up a custom-tailored range of materials to cover a wide application spectrum. Cast Nylon demonstrates even higher crystallinity and better machinability than extruded nylon.


  • Low levels of internal stress
  • A high degree of crystallinity
  • Toughness at high levels of hardness
  • Very good wear resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good damping properties
  • Easy machinability

Types of Cast Nylon:

  • Glass Filled
  • Molybdenum Disulfide Filled
  • Cast Nylon 6 Oil Filled
  • Cast Nylon 6 Solid Lubricant Filled
  • Cast Nylon 6 with 15% Elastomer

Types of

Nylon Cast Type 6 Glass Filled

The addition of glass fibers to nylon in various amounts (10%, 20%, 30% and 40%) increases tensile strength, stiffness, compressive strength, and a lower thermal expansion coefficient over conventional unfilled grades.

Nylon Cast Type 6 Glass Filled
Nylon Cast Type 6 Oil Filled

This is a cast nylon with built-in oil lubrication. During the manufacturing process, oil lubrication is completely and evenly dispersed throughout the cast nylon, making it an integral part of the material’s structure that cannot spin out, dry out, or drain out, even under the harshest working conditions.

Nylon Cast Type 6 Oil Filled
Nylon Cast Type 6 MoS2 Filled

Molybdenum disulphide-filled (MOS2 filled) and oil-filled nylons have enhanced wear properties and filled variants which increase structural and impact strength and rigidity or lubricity.

Nylon Cast Type 6 MoS2 Filled
Nylon Cast Type 6 Unfilled

The casting process of cast nylon 6 results in less stress than the extrusion process, thus providing better dimensional stability. Nylon 6 exhibits all the properties which generally make nylon a superior engineering material: high strength, low friction and wear resistance.

Nylon Cast Type 6 Unfilled

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