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Ardel® Polyarylates are a family of aromatic polyesters. Its inherent UV stability combined with superior retention of optical and mechanical properties makes Ardel® an ideal choice for any application where weathering effects are an issue.

By comparison, the basic mechanical properties of PAryls are similar to polycarbonates. Its impact strength is similar to medium-impact ABS. The elastic rebound of PAryls is exceptional which makes it a logical candidate for snap-fit applications.

Ardel® is specifically formulated to endure the damaging effects of UV light. When exposed to UV light, this material undergoes a molecular rearrangement resulting in the formation of a protective layer that essentially serves as a UV stabilizer. This polymer has shown a better retention of gloss, lower haze and light transmission in accelerated aging testing than polycarbonate.

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Sheet, Rod, Tube, Film

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Stock Products

Sheet 0.035″ – 4″ TH Std. sheet sizes; CTS Transparent light amber
Rod 3/16″ – 6″ DIA Std. foot lengths; CTS Transparent light amber
Tube Transparent light amber
Film 0.001″ – 0.029″ TH Std. roll width/lengths; CTS Transparent light amber

Give us your cut-to-size dimensions. We will precision-cut these plastics to your exact size. Additional sizes and colors available upon request.


Physical PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Density lb/in3 D792 0.0437
Water Absorption, 24 hrs % D570 0.26
Mechanical PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Tensile Strength @Yield psi D638 10000
Tensile Modulus psi D638 300000
Tensile Elongation @Yield % D638 8.4
Flexural Strength @Yield psi D790 11000
Flexural Modulus psi 400000 310000
Compressive Strength @Yield psi D695 12180
Hardness, Rockwell R D785 R125
IZOD Impact Strength Notched ft-lb/in D256 3.8
Thermal PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (x 10-5 in./in./°F) D256 6.1
Heat Deflection Temp at 66 psi °F D648 356
Heat Deflection Temp at 264 psi °F 345
Thermal Conductivity BTU-in/ft2-hr-°F C177 1.48
Flammability Rating UL94 V-O
Electrical PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Dielectric Strength V/mil D149 40
Dielectric Constant @ 1 kHz D150 3.32
Dissipation Factor @ 1 kHz D150 3.32
Surface Resistivity @ 1 kHz ohms/sq D257 0.004
Volume Resistivity, 50% RH ohm-cm D257 2 x 10^14
Optical PropertiesUnitsASTMResults
Haxe, 24 days, 104° F % D1003 2.3
Transparency % D1746 87
NOTE: The property values presented above are typical values intended for reference and comparison purposes only. They should NOT be used as a basis for design specifications or quality control. Contact us for manufacturers’ complete material property datasheets. All values at 73°F (23°C) unless otherwise noted.


  • Semiconductor components
  • Solar energy components
  • Appliance parts
  • Snap-lock connectors


  • Exceptional UV stability
  • Good electrical properties
  • Excellent flexural recovery
  • Transparency
  • Toughness
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