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Cast Acrylic Rods

Acrylic is produced in two basic versions, cast and extruded. Cast acrylic is produced by mixing the acrylic liquid ingredients in molds, whereas extruded acrylic is produced by continuously pushing acrylic mass through a form, while the chemical process takes place. Cast acrylic is homogeneous and extruded acrylic is heterogeneous.  Cast acrylic is usually regarded as better quality than extruded acrylic, although extruded acrylic is less costly.

When acrylic is made by "casting" it will always have less built-in stress – meaning, the molecular weight will be higher and it will machine better, handle pressure/vacuum better, and will be more resistant to heat and certain chemicals. If you are planning on doing any drilling/tapping or machining you will find that the cast tubing product excels. Otherwise, the extruded acrylic tubing is fine and typically less costly.


  • Superior chemical resistance - cast acrylic is more resistant to solvents
  • Machining - on cast acrylic there are almost no burrs
  • Greater range of thickness up to 4" including those produced as bullet-resistant
  • Low water absorption, excellent optical properties, good electrical and UV resistivity
  • Outstanding resistance to long-term exposure to sunlight and weathering



  • Thermoformable
  • Less expensive than glass or cast acrylic
  • More impact resistant than glass
  • Good electrical and UV resistivity
  • Extruded rods have a better tolerance on thickness, typically + or – 10%


Types of Acrylic Rod

Cast Acrylic Rods

Our cast acrylic rods come in diameters ranging from .250 to 8.00 inches. Tight tolerances throughout the manufacturing process assure you of getting the highest quality rods in the industry.

Cast Acrylic Rods
Colored Cast Acrylic Rods

Colored cast acrylic rods are available in a wide variety of colors including fluorescents Diameters range from .500 to 3.00 inches in standard 4 foot lengths.

Colored Cast Acrylic Rods
Extruded Acrylic Rod, Shapes and Tubes

For decorative use or for manufacturing in production of high quality clear acrylic products. It will not warp, crack, craze, or corrode when subjected to prolonged exposure outdoors.

Extruded Acrylic Rod, Shapes and Tubes
Colored Extruded Acrylic Rod

Colored extruded acrylic rods come in standard 6 foot lengths. These economical acrylic rods are excellent for use in POP Displays and other decorative items.

Colored Extruded Acrylic Rod
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