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For over three decades, Emco Plastics has been a reliable provider of superior machined and fabricated plastic parts and components for a broad variety of industries. To produce the highest quality manufactured plastic products on the market, we incorporate an extensive range of fabrication techniques, including precision CNC machining, adhesive and solvent bonding, and plastic welding. In addition, we offer an array of value-added services, such as engraving, assembly, drilling, and tapping.

Whether you are in need of industrial manufacturing components or chemical process piping, Emco’s highly knowledgeable engineers can help you find the perfect product design and material to meet your needs. We offer an extensive selection of specialized plastic materials formulated and fabricated to meet your detailed specifications. One of our most popular materials for heavy-duty industrial and engineering applications is DuPont’s patented acetal plastic, Delrin®.

What Is Delrin/Acetal?

Delrin, or polyoxymethylene (POM), is an extremely durable and lightweight acetal thermoplastic resin that is valued for its high dimensional stability and exceptional strength. Delrin’s ability to retain shape under extreme pressure and repeated impacts makes it the perfect choice for high performance gears, bearings, rollers, and other applications where reliable strength is a necessity. In addition, Delrin is resistant to moisture, mildew, mold, and microbial growth, making it the material of choice for pumps, valves, and other equipment in high moisture settings.

Delrin is composed of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fibers evenly spaced throughout an acetal resin. The resultant material is a highly crystalline structure with high creep and fatigue resistance that can easily be molded, cut, and machined to specifications. 

The Benefits of Delrin/Acetal Plastic

Delrin offers a variety of advantages for high-performance applications, including:

  • Strength and Stiffness: Delrin can withstand pressure up to 5200 psi, and exhibits exceptional stiffness. This makes it perfect for heavy load-bearing operations and high impact applications where other plastics, concrete, and metals may warp, crack, or lose structural integrity.
  • Dimensional Stability: Delrin maintains its original shape in the face of high temperatures, extreme pressure, and varying humidity. This makes it particularly valuable in applications that rely on dimensional stability, such as valves, gears, and bearings.
  • Low Moisture Absorbent: Delrin will not change shape or degrade when exposed to extreme humidity or moisture. For this reason, it is often used in plumbing pipes and fixtures, pumps, and valves. 
  • Creep and Impact Resistance: Delrin exhibits a high level of structural stability, even when placed under extreme stress and impact, which makes it perfect for load-bearing and high-impact applications that require both durability and precision.
  • Chemical Resistance: Delrin will not degrade when exposed to harsh solvents and fuels, so it can often be found in oil and gas applications for petroleum-handling equipment such as holding tanks, pipes, and transport vessels. 
  • Machinability: Although it is exceptionally strong, Delrin is easy to cut and mill with most machining tools to meet any size and shape specifications.
  • Wear and Abrasion Resistance: Delrin is extremely resistant to wear and abrasion, which makes it ideal for gears and conveyors in which components are in regular contact. In addition, it is often used in plumbing and process piping to convey abrasive substances.

The Grades of Delrin/Acetal Available at Emco Plastics

Delrin can be formulated in a variety of grades to enhance or improve certain desirable characteristics. At Emco Plastics, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of Delrin grades for use in many different applications and industries.

Delrin 150

Delrin 150 is a simple acetal homopolymer with high thermal resistance, strength, and stiffness. It is a highly viscous material that can be used in plastic extrusion. Components made from Delrin 150 perform well under stress and will not warp or creep when exposed to moisture or temperature changes. In addition, Delrin 150 has a low friction coefficient, is resistant to wear and abrasion, and has high chemical resistance. 

With its strength, stability, and resistance, Delrin 150 is ideal for use in high stress applications that require a superior performance, such as construction and automotive equipment.

Delrin 570

Delrin 570 is an acetal blend with 20% glass added to the formula. The glass fibers in Delrin 570 enhance the material’s stiffness, making it able to maintain shape even under extreme stress and impact. This grade is ideal for use in construction and automotive applications that require low creep, high stiffness, and strength under pressure. 

Delrin 525 GR

Delrin 525 GR is also glass reinforced, with 25% glass added to the mix. Much like Delrin 570, Delrin 525 GR exhibits a high level of strength, stiffness, and creep resistance. It is a particularly easy material for injection molding, machining, and other fabricating processes, as it retains its shape when exposed to pressure and fluctuating temperatures. It is a highly resilient material, with exceptional fatigue resistance, chemical resistance, and electrical resistance, and is also self-lubricating.

Low friction, high resistance, superior machinability, and exceptional strength make Delrin 525 GR the go-to material for components in everything from household appliances to industrial components, electronics, and automotive parts. 

Delrin AF 100

Delrin AF 100 consist of 13% PTFE fibers. The added PTFE enhances the strength of the Delrin material, and improves its friction coefficient. The PTFE fibers in Delrin AF 100 are evenly distributed throughout the resin to create a tougher, more wear-resistant product that maintains the high dimensional stability and machinability that makes Delrin such a valuable material.

The self-lubricating nature of this material means that it doesn’t need oil or grease lubricants, making it ideal for components in dry and sanitary equipment arrays for industrial and laboratory applications.

Delrin 13% AF Blend

Delrin 13% AF Blend consists of a 2:1 ratio of Acetal AF-100 and Acetal 150. When blended together, these resins enhance the friction coefficient of the material, thereby reducing wear. It is particularly useful for bearings in high-speed applications, as it prevents slippage and sticking common with other materials. This blend still exhibits the 90% of the strength characteristic of Acetal. Coupled with its exceptional friction properties, this makes Delrin 13% AF Blend ideal for a wide range of applications, from gears and springs to plates, bushings and housings. Because Delrin 13% AF Blend can be used without oil or grease lubricant, it has also been approved for use in food processing applications.

Delrin AF 500

Delrin AF 500 includes 20% PTFE fiber. Similar to Delrin AF 100, the added PTFE enhances the friction properties of Delrin AF 500. The fibers are evenly dispersed throughout the acetal resin, for enhanced strength, wear resistance, toughness, and dimensional stability. Although there are more fibers in the material, Delrin AF 500 is still highly machinable. Its low wear and low friction characteristics make it ideal for bushings, gears, and bearings.

Delrin AF DE588

Delrin AF DE588 also contains 20% PTFE fibers, for added strength, toughness, dimensional stability, and enhanced wear resistance. This particular blend is fully tested and certified by the United States Navy for use in a broad range of applications, including submarines. Delrin AF DE588 is ideal for high-speed, load-bearing applications due to its stability, stiffness, and self-lubricating characteristics. 

Metal Detectable Acetal

This copolymer acetal grade contains a metal detectable additive that can be easily traced by conventional metal detection systems typically used in quality inspection to detect contamination of products in the food processing and packaging industries. It has good impact strength, stiffness, and mechanical strength, and also has a food contact compliant composition.

X-Ray Detectable Acetal

X-Ray detectable acetal is used by manufactures to prevent contaminated food products from reaching the market. These new resin additives are being included during manufacturing, so a metal detector or X-ray inspection system can detect broken pieces or fragments of plastic materials before they mix in with food products. The need for traceable plastics, especially machined parts for filling, sorting and packaging machinery is critical due to strict FDA regulations regarding foreign materials and contaminants.

Emco Plastics Similar to Delrin

In addition to our Delrin products, we are pleased to offer numerous superior quality plastic blends with characteristics similar to Delrin, including various grades of Nylon, Nylatron, and PET-Ettalyte.

Unital LF13

Unital LF13, also known as Mechetec LF13, is an acetal blend that exhibits a high level of strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability. It exhibits a low friction coefficient, and is easily machinable. Unital LF13 is an engineering-grade thermoplastic with 13% PTFE in acetal resin. It is USDA and FDA compliant, and is up to 33% less expensive than other acetal products. 

The strength, stability, and lubricity of Unital LF13 make it one of the most popular plastics for engineering, industrial, and mechanical applications.


Dielux is another PTFE filled acetal resin with exceptional strength, dimensional stability, and wear resistance. It has good chemical resistance and can be used without lubricants, which makes it ideal for bearings, bushings, and gears in both wet and dry settings. In fact, Dielux is often used to replace metals and less durable plastics in precision applications with high traffic or wear. White Dielux is also FDA compliant for food processing applications.

Tecaform FG Blue

Tecaform FG Blue is a recently developed acetal blend noted for its distinctive blue color. It was engineered to be blue to work specifically in the food processing industry, where optical scanning equipment can more easily detect problems in the processing line. Tecaform FG blue exhibits high chemical and heat resistance, which makes it better able to withstand sanitizing processes.

In addition, it exhibits high wear resistance and dimensional stability under pressure. It is typically used in bushings, bearings, rollers, gears, and other components in food industry applications that require strong, reliable components with high resistance to moisture, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations.

Tecaform SD

Tecaform SD is an acetal blend that combines the high strength and wear resistance of other blends with a high degree of static resistance. Unlike other blends, Tecaform SD does not build static charge, which makes it ideal for use in applications where friction and fluid flow can create dangerous static buildup.

Superior Quality Delrin/Acetal from Emco Plastics

At Emco Plastics, we pride ourselves on providing a broad selection of high quality plastics and resins for a variety of specialized applications and industries. From submarine components to food processing, Emco has the Delrin or acetal blend you need to ensure optimal operational performance. For more information on our selection of Delrin and acetal plastic blends, contact our experts today.

The Benefits of Delrin/Acetal Plastic



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