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Emco Plastics is a full-service provider of machined and fabricated plastic components. While plastics distribution is our main focus, we also provide value-added services designed to help businesses simplify their supply chains, minimize project complexity, increase time-to-market, and reduce end-to-end component costs. From our 50,000 sq. ft. facility in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, we offer value-added machining and fabrication services that allow us to deliver top-quality products for a range of industries and applications.

Our Value-Added Services

At Emco Plastics, we offer a range of value-added machining and fabrication services along with our extensive line of plastic materials. Our expert engineers can work with you to select the best material option and develop a final product to meet the needs of your unique application. To meet this challenge, the Emco facility houses top-of-the-line industrial saws, mills, lathes, welding machines, and a variety of other machining and fabrication tools.

Our value-added services include:

CNC Machining

Machining.  The CNC machining process uses a range of tooling, such as turning mills, lathes, and grinders, to precisely and accurately create various plastic parts. Our CNC machining services include milling, turning, drilling, sanding, forming, grinding, punching, tooling, and welding. We specialize in large components and parts, and our ISO-certified equipment can handle high-volume orders and custom tolerances while ensuring quick turn-around times and optimal quality.

At Emco Plastics, we can deliver custom CNC-machined parts from a range of strong, high-temperature, and high-resistance plastics, including:

  • Delrin®
  • PTFE
  • Nylon
  • Ultem®
  • Ertalyte®
  • Noryl®
  • Polysulfone
  • Torlon®
  • PEEK
  • Vespel®
  • Lexan®
  • Celazole®
  • Techtron® PPS
  • Radel®
  • Acetal

Custom Fabrication

Fabrication.  Emco Plastics has the capabilities to create high-quality plastic parts using a wide range of fabrication methods and machinery. Our engineers can work with you during material selection, tool design, and testing to ensure we deliver the best possible product for your needs. Our plastic fabrication capabilities include:

  • Thermoforming. This safe and cost-effective process involves molding a thin sheet of plastic around a mold to create the desired part.
  • Die cutting. Die cutting is a fast and economical plastic fabrication method that involves cutting components out of a plastic sheet using a custom die.
  • Drape/oven forming. This process allows the plastic to maintain its thickness and surface finish. Ideal for tubing, rods, and sheets, this process reduces waste and the need for reductive processes.
  • Edge finishing. Plastic edges can be finished using saw cutting, milling, flame polishing, machine polishing, hand polishing, beveling, and more.
  • Solvent welding. This process uses liquid polymers and solvent chemicals to permanently join plastic.

With these capabilities, Emco Plastics can serve a range of industries such as chemical processing, OEM replacement parts, food and beverage, display industries, and more.

Why Partner with Emco Plastics?

Emco Industrial Plastics is dedicated to providing worldwide access to industry-defining plastic materials to meet your unique demands. Our value-added services contribute to this ongoing commitment by giving our customers access to state-of-the-art equipment and skilled engineers to help them cut costs, improve throughput, boost part accuracy, and reduce troublesome project frictions.

Since 1983, Emco has been dedicated to providing high-quality products with superior service, fast turn-around times, and accurate shipments. Our knowledgeable staff combined with our comprehensive range of value-added services sets us apart from our competitors and ensures we deliver the best possible outcome for your project.

To learn more about our value-added services, or to get started on your next plastics project, contact us or request a quote today.

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