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In what lengths is the tubing supplied?

Smooth bore tubing is supplied in random lengths. Usually the minimum length is 25 feet. Random means that the coil size could vary anywhere from 25 to 250 feet or the longest possible length available. Specific lengths are available at an additional charge. Heat shrink is usually supplied in 2 foot, 4 foot and coils. Convoluted tubing is available in random length coils or by the piece. Corrugated tubing is available in bulk lengths (maximum of 12 feet) or by the piece.

What dimensions do I need to supply when ordering heat shrink tubing?


You need the expanded dimension of the heat shrink and the recovered dimension. The expanded dimension is what the tubing measures when it is heated and recovered on the rod. If you do not know these dimensions, we will need to know what the outside diameter is of the object you are putting the heat shrink over. You also need to know whether you want the heat shrink supplied in coils or straight lengths.

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