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PVDF Plastic

EMCO Plastics carries a full stock offering of PVDF (Kynar®). This high molecular weight crystalline thermoplastic polymer is highly non-reactive & pure, making it an ideal choice when critical mechanical, electrochemical, and chemical-resistant properties are required. PVDF is available in sheet, rod, film, tube, plate, and wire insulation forms.


Medical & Chemical Processing Equipment

Semiconductors & Electronic Components

Food & Pharmaceutical Environments

Petrochemical Applications

Pump & Valve Components

Performance Advantages

Extremely High Purity

Excellent Resistance to UV, Solvents, Acids, & Bases

High Thermal Stability & Heat Resistance

High Tensile Strength & Impact Resistance

Flame Resistance & Electrochemical Capabilities

Great Machinability & Fabrication Characteristics


Standard Products

Sheet Thickness
1/32" to 4"
Film Thickness
0.002" to 0.029"
Rod Diameter
3/16" to 12"
Tube Diameter
3/64" to 3/4"

Grades Available

Standard Kynar® PVDF

Food Grade KYNStick® Tape

Chemfluor® PVDF Pipe

Conductive Kynar® PVDF

Static Control Kynar® PVDF (PVDF CN-F, PVDF CN-P)

Additional products include Schedule 40 & 80 pipe, film tape, & hex rods.
Custom machined PVDF products are available upon request.

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