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Which phenolic grade offers good electrical insulation qualities?

The G-7 grade is used most often for high-voltage, electrical applications.

Is there a phenolic sheet that works well in high-moisture conditions?

While most phenolics work well, the G-10 grade has the greatest service life in humid environments.

I have a relatively high-heat operating environment. What phenolic works best?

The G-11 grade retains virtually all of its impact strength at elevated temperatures. The G-7 offers the highest continuous service temperature.

I need to machine small parts with quite a bit of detail. The C Grade doesn’t work, is there another option?

The XX natural grade phenolic does not have the coarse texture of the C grade and allows for greater machining detail.

I need a phenolic grade that provides high impact resistance for large diameter gears. Which meets these requirements?

The C natural grade phenolic is often used for this application.

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