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Industrial Plastic Components for Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 

Emco Plastics material selection and fabrication abilities put them at the forefront of product creation for manufacturing applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry. Safety, visibility, and hygiene are some of the most crucial components to consider when choosing the optimal material for any application in this industry. Manufacturers looking to increase production in their facilities and increase equipment life look to Emco Plastics for valuable solutions. 

Plastic Materials for Food Processing, Beverage Manufacturing & Pharmaceutical Production

  • Ertalyte
    • FDA approved PET-P semi-crystalline thermoplastic  
    • Stain resistant and wear resistant
    • High dimensional stability 
    • Often used in food equipment components and pharmaceutical test equipment 
  • PTFE Teflon Tapes 
    • High dimensional stability and tensile strength
    • Nonflammable, chemical resistant and temperature resistant
    • No sticky residue when utilized in non-stick applications
    • Often used in release sheets, laminate separator sheets, and specialized heat sealing
  • Nylobrade 
    • FDA approved clear braid-reinforced PVC hose 
    • Crafted from non-toxic materials
    • Outstanding flow characteristics 
    • Often used in beverage lines, coolant lines, filling lines, water feeds
  • Vardex 
    • FDA approved steel wire reinforced coil within flexible PVC tubing
    • Crafted from non-toxic materials 
    • Abrasion-resistant, kink resistant and crush resistant
    • Handles pressure and full vacuum applications
    • Often used in chemical transfer, floor cleaning, spray systems and water feeds

Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Machinery Applications 

  •  PolycarbonateAcrylic PVC, and PETG Machine Guards & Covers
    • Protects from contamination and employee injury on production process equipment
    • High strength and chemical resistant
    • Some materials are FDA approved 
    • Ofter used in machine shops, food processing, and material handling applications
  • Fiberglass Grating
    • High strength and chemical resistant
    • Class I fire rating 
    • UV protection for color stability
    • Often used as stair treads, trench covers and work floors in corrosive environments
  • HDPE Cutting Board
    • USDA certified & FDA approved nonporous surface 
    • Stain resistant and high strength (no chip, cracks or peels)
    • Acid resistant 
    • Often used as commercial grade cutting boards 
  • Manufacturing Components for Production Equipment
    • Starwheels
    • Timing screws
    • Roller guides
    • Clip on rials
    • UHMW covers
    • Nylon parts

Cost Effective Maintenance for Manufacturing Equipment Components 

Emco Plastics offers a quick turn-around on gears and widgets. We offer reverse engineering as a cost-effective maintenance strategy, enabling us to reproduce OEM parts with ease. For more information, contact Emco Plastics to learn more! 

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