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emco fabrication serviceFrom prototype to production runs, Emco makes the process of buying fabricated plastic goods easy and worry-free. Emco’s highly skilled acrylic fabricators can handle your job.

Emco’s wide range of machinery and techniques include thermoforming, infrared heating, die cutting, vacuum forming, drape forming, oven bending, edge finishing, sand blasting, and solvent welding.

Custom fabricated items for manufacturers nationwide have included:

  • Safety guards
  • Boat windshields
  • OEM change parts

Specializing in acrylic and PETG displays and store fixtures for nationwide retail chains:

  • Sign / brochure holders
  • Frames
  • Bubble-free PS30 joints for vitrines and museum boxes

Emco will work with you from design to pack outs, ship to a central distribution point, or drop ship to each individual store.

Access to our in-house inventory – here’s a partial listing of acrylic materials we use:

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