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Chemically Resistant Plastics 

Chemically resistant plastics are often preferred over metal within a variety of industrial applications. Due to skillful engineering, these materials offer advantages including their high strength nature, corrosion resistance as well as chemical compatibility. From clean rooms to major chemical processing plants handling organic and inorganic chemical compounds, heat resistant and acid resistant plastic materials are constantly being developed to be used in chemically aggressive environments and applications. 

Custom High Performance Plastic Applications

High performance polymer plastic materials are the best candidates for metal replacement in high heat applications. Some of the most common chemical industry applications and products listed below may require properties such as abrasion resistance, wear resistance, or a low coefficient of friction. Let the technical experts at Emco Plastics help you select the correct high performance plastic material for your unique application:

Welded PVC UnitPVC Welded DuctPVC Flanged Fitting


  • Noncorrosive Tanks
    • Plating Tanks
    • Water Tanks
    • "Molded and Fabricated Tanks"
    • FRP Tanks 
    • Custom Welded Tanks for Fire Engine 
  • Fume Hoods 
  • Ducting
  • Scrubbers
  • Semiconductor
    • Workstations and Wet Benches
  • Research and Scientific Plating Baskets
  • PVC/CPVC Pipe Valves and Fittings

High Strength Materials Utilized & Fabricated for Chemical Processing Industry 

Due to their chemical compatibility, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, the materials listed below are some of the most frequently utilized materials in the industry. 

Emco Plastics Value Added Services 

Need finishing touches? Emco Plastics offers the following secondary services to take your product from prototype to finished good. 

 To learn more about selecting the correct material for your unique application, contact the experts at Emco Plastics today! 

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