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Posted on: 03-12-2013

GPO (Glass Polyester) is available at Emco Plastics, Cedar Grove, NJ. GPO is an industrial sheet produced using polyester resin and fiberglass reinforcement. GPO is highly valuable in applications where stable temperatures, tracking resistance, and low moisture absorption are essential. This material is available in 3 different grades as well as channels and angles.

GPO-1 is a general purpose laminate that is easily fabricated and cost effective. GPO-1 is a good choice for dry-type transformers, motors and other applications. GPO-2 is a flame resistant laminate that exhibits high strength. It is too, easily fabricated and cost effective, and is great for terminal boards, control panels. GPO-3 is a mineral filled, continuous fiberglass-reinforced thermoset unsaturated polyester material. Its high strength, flame resistance, and low smoke generation make GPO-3 the industry standard for flame and arc electrical insulation.

GPO-3 is frequently used in the transportation industry, where smoke generation and toxicity are a prime concern. Emco Plastics also has GPO Angles & Channels available. These GPO angles & channels perform well in electrical applications that require high arc and carbon track resistance as well as flame resistance, physical strength, and moderate heat resistance. For more information on all of our GPO products please call a sales representative at 800-292-9906 or visit our website at .

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