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Rexolite® is a transparent, rigid insulating material created through a unique cross linking process. It is often used for high frequency substrates, microwave components, and lenses with acoustic, optical and radio frequency applications. One of the most notable properties of Rexolite® is its dissipation factor which is 200 times better than Nylon. Rexolite® is dimensionally stable, optically clear(approximately the same as Acrylic), and has excellent sound transmission characteristics.

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Types of Rexolite

Rexolite 1422

Rexolite® 1422 is a thermoset cross linked styrene copolymer.

Rexolite 1422
Rexolite 2200

Rexolite® 2200 is a thermoset cross linked styrene copolymer. This material is glassed filled which provides it with greater temperature stablility and strength.

Rexolite 2200
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Emco Industrial Plastics is a leading custom plastics machine shop and fabricator, specializing in machining Rexolite®.

Rexolite Machining & Fabrication

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