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From foam tape. polyimide tape. UHMW tape. PTFE fabric and more – Emco Plastics supplies specialty tapes.
Foam Tapes: Foam tapes are high performance tapes of either polyethylene, polyurethane, or polyvinyl material with an acrylic adhesive.
PEEK tape with silicone or acrylic adhesive backing is an excellent alternative to both PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and PI (polyimide) tape.
Polyimide Tapes: Polyimide film coated with a high temperature, pressure sensitive silicone adhesive or acrylic adhesive act as excellent electrical insulators.
PTFE Tapes: Available with silicone or acrylic adhesive, PTFE tapes are specified for use in a variety of extreme environments, both temperature and chemical.
PVDF film made into a tape with an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive offers excellent chemical and corrosion resistance and has a high tensile strength.
UHMW Tapes: UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight) polyethylene film coated with a pressure sensitive acrylic or rubber adhesive creates a nonstick, low-friction surface similar to PTFE tape but with much higher abrasion and puncture resistance.
VHB Tapes: Very high bond (VHB) acrylic tapes create an instant, permanent, pressure-sensitive bond between a wide variety of substrates such as metals, glass, and plastics.
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